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From: Monday 15 November 2021
At: various
Where: Online course BN11

Phone: 01273 267545

Are you a patient living with a long-term health condition?

The Living Well Programme is a free self-management course developed for people living with any long-term health condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome etc.

The course is aimed to help you to take more control of your health by learning new skills and techniques to manage your condition better on a daily basis. Amongst other things, the course will explore:

How to manage common symptoms such as pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, isolation, depression, physical limitations, shortness of breath and poor sleep

Goal setting and problem solving

Healthy eating

Physical activity

Communication skills

Accessing NHS services and working with your Healthcare team

Relaxation techniques

Positive thinking

Managing medications

Breathing exercises

Apps & online resources

Budget management

Not only will the course give you new skills to help you to manage your condition and the emotional changes brought about by your condition, it also provides a great opportunity for you to meet other people who share similar experiences.

The course runs over six weekly sessions, each session lasting 2 and a half hours including a break. Each course is facilitated by fully trained (but not medically qualified) volunteers tutors who themselves are living with a long-term health condition

In most cases they would recommend that you have been living with your condition for at least 6 months before attending the Living Well Programme.

Booking is essential. Anyone over the age of 18 living with any long term physical or mental health condition can self-refer to the programme by emailing or calling 01273 267545.

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