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The Get Active £10 Challenge

How does the Get Active £10 challenge work?

Five simple steps to encourage you to become more active and enjoy an active lifestyle

Step 1

Contact James, the Activities Co-ordinator on 07738 862312 or email the Wellbeing Hub to register your interest for the challenge. You can then arrange to meet the Activities Co-ordinator to set goals and choose an activity course that best suits your needs 

Step 2 

When you have chosen the course, you will be asked for a £10 deposit. The deposit can be paid on the first day of the course or at your meeting with the Get Active Co-ordinator

Step 3

Have fun getting more active on your chosen course

Step 4

At the end of the course the £10 deposit will be returned to help support you to keep active. The £10 will be returned if you attend 6 out of 8 sessions

Step 5

The Wellbeing Team will contact you at three months to see how you're getting on since the course and to support you to keep active, so that you can enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle

Moving On Up course

Fun, social and gentle exercise classes to encourage and support people over 50 to get more active.

Transcript of video:

"It was through the wife, she saw an advertisement for this Moving on Up course in the local newspaper, and it went on from there … and she dragged me along to it.  Its been very good.

I feel a lot better for it .. much better .. and meeting other people as well. Very good.

Yes, the physical activity levels .. some of the things I’ve learnt here I’m doing at home, where possible, every day.  Well the Moving on Course has motivated me to continue exercising .. and now the summer’s coming … out on the bike! So, yes, it has helped".

Couch to 5K

A step by step progression from walking to running over an eight week period. Coached sessions will help build up your fitness levels and give opportunity to enter a 5K.

Transcript of video:

Man speaking: "I heard about the Couch to 5K because I went to a .. it’s called a Wellbeing appointment run by the County Council .. and they give you like an MOT and what was suggested was Couch to 5K. And the incentive was you pay £10, you get that money back if you complete the course .. and, er yeah, so I went for it. The social aspect particularly appealed to me so, yeah, great .. I’m really glad I took that option".

Woman speaking: "I heard about the Couch to 5K, it came up on my Facebook feed, along with a few other programmes, and the Couch to 5K seemed like a good fit. I didn’t really, well I definitely didn’t, do any running and I thought it might be an achievable goal. From the first week, when we all turned up, those of us that did turn up. We were all very nervous looking at each other, sizing up the competition and we’ve all formed a really good bond.  Actually, most of us have come along for most of the weeks, some of us have met up in between, just for a little walk or run and we’ve all developed at different levels, which is really good. Yes, it just been a really positive experience".

Man speaking: "It’s the most beneficial thing I’ve done in a long time and I love meeting people and its great to run as a group because .. we’ve got a great Facebook page and we all spur each other on".

Woman speaking: "I would say the Couch to 5K has helped me, I would never have considered going out for a run, I still don’t think I’m confident enough to go out on my own but certainly now that’s something .. it’s so simple, you can just put on your trainers, call a friend, go out and do a little run and just feel more confident about that and that 5k is possibly attainable .. I’m not there yet but think I could get there".

Man speaking: "I’d say to other people who are just contemplating running and joining such an activity. You worry about it at first but everyone’s in the same boat and, er, just do it, because it’s just making that little step, it’s a springboard for other things and I really recommend it .. its been a great experience".

3 Step Gym course

This fun and fresh course combines a personalised three step gym programme with a personal trainer and eight gym sessions.


Transcript of video:

"I first heard about it in the paper, it was advertised as Get Active and told you where to apply and I just phoned up at the Council offices in Worthing. I came on the course because I wasn’t really that active and I see it advertised and I thought, you know, get active and I thought it was quite a good idea.

It’s made me more fitter, you know, I’m not out of breath no more and, you know, I can sort of walk faster, long distance and generally, you know, more active than what I was, and fitter.

The Get Active programme has sort of helped me a great deal, you know, with joining the gym and start coming on a regular basis because, I must admit I’ve enjoyed it a lot and, you know, it’s been quite an eye opener coming hear really".

Multi Activity course

Take part in different activities over an eight week period. Aqua aerobics, spinning and yoga are just some of the activities to support you in finding a class that is right for you.


Transcript of video:

Get Active - physical activity is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug (Move More -  Macmillan Cancer Support, 2011)

Get Active - 5 x 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical exercise can help prevent against cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2 and some forms of cancers (UK Physical Activity Guidelines - Department of Health, 2013)

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Men - Get Active course

A combination of Pilates, boxing and aerobics specifically for men. Designed to give a full-body workout, improve balance, core strength and stamina. Each session finishes with a 10 minute guided meditation. 

Sign up to the £10 challenge today! You can do this online by visiting the the Facebook page, call 01273 263064 or email the Wellbeing Team

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