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A revolutionary grassroots movement that uses art / tech / music and play to battle social isolation and loneliness. Made by dads, for dads.

  • For the dads that commute all week long – and don't see their kids during the week and hate it.
  • For the dads whose only social life revolves around the friends their partners have made on the playground.
  • For the stepdad that finds himself struggling as he tries to build relationships with his new family.
  • For the dad that is adopting and trying to get to grips with the challenges that brings.
  • For the separated dad who only sees his kids at weekends, and chokes back the feelings that he doesn’t feel allowed to talk about, because ‘real men’ don’t.
  • For the dad who isn’t afraid to change a nappy yet finds it hard to take his kids out because all the changing facilities are in women’s toilets.
  • For the stay-at-home dad who yearns for time with the boys.
  • For the dads that are coming to terms with how to handle their child’s special education and disability needs.

For more information on events or to get involved, have a look at the Dad La Soul website

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