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Helping to get you online

Would you like to be able to do something online to make your life simpler? Are you unemployed and would like help setting up and email account, filling in forms or applying for jobs? Or, do you have fears and anxieties about the internet?

If yes, then pop along to your local IT Junction where anyone can gain free access to computers, the internet, online courses and peer-to-peer support from the friendly volunteer team.

Have a look at the  IT Junction website to find your nearest venue.

Not sure where to start or would like to speak to someone? Call 01903 221400 or email IT Junction.

One Stop Junction

Visit the One Stop Junction if you are not sure what sort of help you want, and would like a few quicker chats in one place rather than committing to longer, more in-depth support around:

  • IT skills
  • Qualifications
  • Work skills
  • CVs
  • Employment/careers advice
  • Help with benefit claims
  • Budgeting and money


IT Junction venues in Durrington, Southwick and Fishersgate will offer local people the chance to look at employment, money and skills options all under one roof. Organisations taking part include National Careers Service, RBLI, Aspire, Employ Junction and Money Junction. 

  • Durrington Community Centre, New Road, West Durrington, BN13 3FJ - fortnightly from Thursday 7th February, (9.30am-12.30pm).
  • Eastbrook Manor Community Centre, West Road, Fishersgate BN41 1QH - monthly from Friday 8th February (9.30am-12.30pm). 
  • Each month at Southwick Community Centre, 24 Southwick Street, BN42 4TE. 

Customers can drop-in, or book a half an hour appointment in advance (stating which service(s) required) by emailing IT Junction.

Check out the OneStop website for more information and the OneStop Facebook page for job opportunities, testimonials and relevant updates.

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