Wellbalanced programme

People at a Wellbalanced class

Keeping balanced and well 

As we get older, muscles naturally start to lose strength. Everyday tasks such as rising from a chair or walking outside alone, can become more of a challenge.  Strength and balance classes, such as the Wellbalanced programme can help you to keep strong and steady and help prevent a fall.

Wellbalanced offers low cost exercise courses, at the right level for you, for anyone who wants to feel more steady and confident on their feet.

A Wellbalanced course may be suitable for you, if you…

  • are feeling less steady on your feet
  • are finding it harder to rise from a chair or to use the stairs
  • have been referred by a GP, Healthcare Worker or other professional

Their Wellbalanced instructors are qualified and experienced in postural stability and falls prevention. Have a look at the Wellbalanced for Wellbeing website or  Facebook page to find out more and get in touch. 

See the events pages of our website for further details of the classes in Adur and Worthing or search for 'Wellbalanced' in the search bar of the site.

(Please note that you need to be referred to this service. Referral forms can be found on the Wellbalanced website and will need to be sent to them before you attend a class, in order for them to screen your suitability for a programme).

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