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The Adur & Worthing Intuitive Thinking Skills Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing Course is now open for referrals.

The course is a prevention educational programme that focuses on understanding how conditioning and learnt behaviour plays a significant role in shaping our wellbeing and lifestyle. Its aim is to help build resilience and motivation for permanent change. The course is suitable for people addressing a wide range of issues, including mental and physical health, gambling, smoking, alcohol and substance misuse, food/eating problems and can also be really useful for other lifestyle choices affected by ambivalence e.g. long-term unemployment.


Those wishing to change their addictive behaviour before it escalates and becomes increasingly problematic; low level addictive behaviour - this course is not aimed at long-term/entrenched substance or alcohol misusers.

Participants can be referred either by the Wellbeing Hub (following on from a Wellbeing MOT or one-to-one session), GP, Going Local and other services, or self-referral. For further information and fast-track referral form, visit the Intuitive Thinking Skills website.

Courses take place in Worthing (morning or afternoon) and Adur (evening). See our What's going on pages for further details of the different courses.

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