Your wellbeing experiences

Here are just a few real-life wellbeing experiences from people who've got in touch with us for ideas or support. Small changes make big difference. Why not contact us today to make that first step on your very own wellbeing journey?

 Two women sitting on a bench Liz from Littlehampton
“I’ve always had problems managing my weight... I wanted to do something about it and stop worrying about whether I was the biggest person in the room. The Wellbeing service provided somewhere for me to go and talk to someone without feeling judged or criticised. My Wellbeing Advisor, helped me find my own solutions and her 1-1 support has been crucial to my success.”
Tony from Midhurst

 Active Life member

 “…[the team] helped me refocus on the importance of taking good physical care of myself. A workshop and tips on healthy eating on a budget proved inspirational.  With the help of Wellbeing tokens I’m a regular again at Westgate gym and swimming pool.  Positive changes in my physicality have without a doubt contributed to positive changes in my psychological and emotional wellbeing.  Thank you for helping me get back on track.”

 WoW Exercise Class

Alan from Langley Green, Crawley
 “I attended the WOW programme (Weight Off Workshop)...  I took part in the group exercises and talked about diet, food and health.  I have lost 3 stone during my time with WOW and I am still attending.  I have enjoyed working with the group, have made new friends, have a great deal of support and would strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight.”
Matt from Littlehampton


"Most other smokers treat you as a bit of a traitor when you try to quit, and non-smokers rarely acknowledge it as a challenge. So it was great to have a separate group of people [the Wellbeing team] there when you need them, especially as they have extensive knowledge to call upon."
 Marie from Horsham  Kathryn from Haywards Heath
"I enjoy my healthy walks. I have made friends, and we have all got so much to share, it is my time! I look forward to it, regardless of the weather. When I get home I feel refreshed, ready to do battle. My blood pressure is now normal, I do not have to see my doctor until the summer now."  "I would like to recommend the Zumba classes to anyone looking to get into or back into exercise. The classes are fun, not too difficult and suitable for all levels."
Jean from Mid Sussex  
"It was only because my GP’s nurse recommended, as part of my losing weight programme with her, that I went along to the Zumba dance classes through West Sussex Wellbeing. Having already tried swimming, aerobics, gym and then just extended walking these all in turn exacerbated pain in my half worn out and other replaced hips. Pilates classes were too expensive for me and didn’t get my heart rate up. At last I have found a form of exercise that suits my body, and aptitude in every way.    
In the last few months I have really enjoyed the mix of exercise with fun dance (no partner needed). Getting into a full blown sweat and laughing with others in the mixed group has set me on a path of hope. I can commit to steadily getting fit again. I am 60 years old and working long hours including evenings so the lunch time class ideally fits my lifestyle. Our good looking teacher is inspiring and amazing to watch. He has a fabulous sense of humour and is very professional in every way. 
Because the focus is on healthy dancing with lively music the atmosphere is non-threatening and physiologically encouraging. Thanks…  it’s working!"




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