Simple tips

Easy ways to be more active at work

To achieve good health, it is recommended that we move more. For those who work in sedentary office jobs this can sometimes seem like a challenge.

Here are some simple ways that you can get moving throughout the day:

  • Walk or ride at least part of the way to work
  • Volunteer for the coffee run
  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Track your steps
  • Try a standing desk
  • Walk instead of calling or emailing
  • Stretch
  • Get moving at lunch time
  • Take the stairs
  • Start an office fitness challenge
  • Take breaks to move
  • Turn waiting time into moving time

Visit the NHS Better Health website for more easy ways to move more.

Returning to work

It is not only your employer who is responsible for your wellbeing at work - we all have a role to play. If your employer offers any health or wellbeing services make the most of them. Speak to your employer about managing any work-related problems or changing your working patterns.

Benefits of working

Being in work is good for our health, both physical and mental. Taking time off work is not always the best way to speed up your recovery. Returning to work improves health and can aid recovery; good employers should be flexible wherever possible to assist in the return to work process.

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