What is sexual health?

Sexual health means different things to different people. Sexual health can be about respecting and protecting yourself and others to reduce the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), HIV and unplanned pregnancies, feeling comfortable with your sexuality and having the ability to enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships.

For example you might be looking for:

  • tips on how to stay healthy
  • help in deciding which contraception to use and how to obtain it
  • information on sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, including how they are detected and treated, and what can happen if they are not treated
  • how you can get free condoms
  • information about body changes – at puberty or menopause
  • advice on fertility
  • counselling on, and access to, abortion
  • psychosexual counselling
  • information relating to sexual orientation or gender issues.

Information on what to do about some of these issues, and where to get advice locally, is outlined on our Services for West Sussex page. However, if you are looking for general information about any of these topics, visit the NHS website, which has lots of advice and guidance on sexual health.

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