Local sexual health services

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Sexual health services in West Sussex aim to provide a holistic service which can help people to be able to:

  • Say no to sex that they don’t want
  • Decide when is the right time for them to become sexually active
  • Choose the right type of contraception for themselves and their partner
  • Avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections such as Chlamydia, Herpes and HIV
  • Make choices about unplanned pregnancies

Your family doctor will be able to provide a range of contraceptive services, detection of Chlamydia, and choices around unplanned pregnancies. You will be able to talk to them in confidence – this means that they will never tell anyone that you have been there, unless they think that there is a risk of serious harm to you or someone else.

West Sussex Integrated Sexual Health Service offers the full range of contraceptive services, detection and treatment of all Sexually Transmitted Infections, detection and treatment of HIV, access to psychosexual services for people who have problems with sex, and making choices around unplanned pregnancies. All services are confidential.

For more information visit the West Sussex Sexual Health website or telephone 01903 285199.

Adults living with HIV can obtain specialist support from the Community HIV Specialist Service.

For support services relating to sexual violence please see our domestic abuse and sexual violence web page.

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