The Sustainable Mind - Mindfulness

The practices of mindfulness meditation and compassion are very helpful in easing a range of difficulties including build up of stress, anxiety, depression, coping with ill health and chronic pain and recovering from addiction.  These practices can reduce negative thinking, improve sleep, help us feel more calm and joyful, cope better with daily and life stressors, and can transform our relationship with ourselves and others.

As part of the Sustainable Mind's mindfulness community, they run weekly mindfulness meditation sessions online via Zoom on Mondays from 11.00am until 12.30pm and Thursdays from 7.00pm until 8.00pm. 

They offer one-to-one sessions online, and in person - meeting outdoors at the developing community farm in Sompting. Courses, workshops and retreats coming soon. These sessions are available on a sliding fee scale to make them accessible to all.

If you have thought about trying mindfulness but feel a bit unsure, why not try a taster session? A taster session will give you a brief introduction to what
mindfulness is and how it can benefit you. Mindfulness taster sessions take place online via Zoom on the following dates:

Wednesday 20th October 10am to 12pm

Tuesday 2nd November 7pm to 9pm

Thursday 18th November 10am to 12pm

Friday 3rd December 2pm to 4pm

(The cost per session is £20.00)

Further details are available on the Sustainable Mind website

All sessions are led by Liane Webb, Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional Level with the International Mindfulness Teacher's Association. For more information, please email Liane or call on 07474 678479.


"The mindfulness sessions have been amazing and been a fantastic boost to my mental health. The session's are delivered with compassion and great care. I love belonging to this mindfulness group. It's amazing."  Mary.

"I was sceptical at first when my GP recommended Mindfulness with Liane for the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time. I was wrong, I cannot thank Liane enough for all she has done for me. She has taught me to be compassionate to myself and others, to recognise situations that would lead to distress or stress and deal with them in a more enlightened and mindful way."  Anonymous.

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